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  • Spy-> which in words mean "spy over there"

    Spy-> live in echo park and travel to record near the ocean

    Spy-> loves moustache rides, the ocean and teenage spaceships

    Spy-> aim to make people happy and sad

Self-Portrait (1910). Egon Schiele. Public Domain

Spy-> The Ocean

"'The Ocean' is inspired by Egon Shiele's line drawings. Both 'The Ocean' by Spy-> and Schiele's line drawings are fragile and stripped down, but at the same time both elements have a piercing darkness to them."

Spy -> make and produce music in Echo Park, Los Angeles since 2008.

Spy-> was brought together with idea of making visual, passionate, quirky and thoughtful music.

You can hear their music at http://www.myspace.com/spyoverthere

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  • Egon Shiele was an Austrian figurative artist and a protégé of Gustav Klimt.
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