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  • Sean Hayes' worn, soulful music defies easy categorization. Described as loose, dusty, and alive, his songs radiate a free-spirited charm that rarely seems attached to any particular era. The result is a sound infused with eclectic instrumentation and an unpolished warmth. Born in New York City and raised in North Carolina, Sean Hayes now resides in San Francisco. His songs have been remixed by DJs and covered by folk artists. His unique soulful voice infects audiences with charm, equal parts affirming and heartbreaking.

Bob Ross the fortune-telling chicken. Photo: Jett Superior. All Rights Reserved.

Sean Hayes Alabama Chicken

Recipe for "Alabama Chicken"

"On my way back from N.C. to S.F. my traveling partner D. suggested that we take a detour to Birmingham, Alabama to visit Butch Anthony, a folk artist she had recently met. Butch was showing his art: a dinosaur made of found objects, strange paintings, a blue bottle fly. I met his amazing fortune-telling chicken, Bob Ross. Drop a quarter in the jar, look the chicken in the eye and receive your fortune inside an egg. Throw in Les Blank's film, Sprout Wings and Fly, a documentary about old-time fiddler Tommy Jarrel. Stir it all together and you've got some Alabama Chicken."

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  • Butch Anthony is a folk artist based in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the host of Doo-Nanny, an annual festival celebrating outsider art, music and film.
  • About BOB ROSS (1990-2010)
  • "He was the world's oldest chicken at 20 years old. Born 1990 in Abbyville, Alabama. He was a show chicken, a White Crested Black Polish. Bob was a hit at numerous art festivals around the country from New York to California. He once made 364 dollars in one day in Birmingham, a quarter per fortune, that's 1456 fortunes told in one day! Bob died in his sleep Feb 3, 2010 in Seale, Alabama." --Phil Cheney (via Jett Superior).
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