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  • Jim Long is an artist who lives and works in New York City. His first musical instrument was a cigar box guitar amped with a 78 turntable cartridge. He learned tunes on a foxhole radio, and built a short-wave receiver to play along with pulses and signals. His first songs were written for an imaginary company: Famous Artists Fun Toys.

DEET with Paintbrush (2011). Dax Norman. All Rights Reserved.

Jim Long There Were Some Famous Artists

"Songs are social sculptures. This performance features Will Kennedy on electric guitar, and jmx kennedy brought it all together at his New Jersey studio."

In addition to writing and performing "There Were Some Famous Artists," Jim Long wrote Sonny Smith's contribution "Mondrian." Sonny introduced him to the magic world of story-songs, and to ARTSONGS.

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  • Even if it is long after their deaths, the life-stories of famous artists often achieve the same levels of notoriety as their most beloved works.
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