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  • Danny Cohen is a singer-songwriter based in central California who co-founded L.A. pre-teen proto-punk band Charleston Grotto in 1960. "Magritte," from the album We're All Gunna Die, appears on ARTSONGS courtesy of Anti- Records.

    Danny's most recent album, The Fleas Of a Thousand Dannys (2008), is his first self-released record and is currently available for digital download.

  • The Fleas of a Thousand Dannys
The Son of Man (1954). Rene Magritte.

Danny Cohen Magritte

"'Magritte' is about art as meditational fulcrum to a higher state, like the one step beyond wherein staring at a painting of a ship caused it to move. I stare at his art and 'enter' mindscape like Timothy Leary suggests. Horn and tabla players found in the street. Two bass lines. Found a way to subjegate the intricacies of the arrangement via mix (did both) to belie basic 'C' chord structure (with Jewish A minor bridge)."

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